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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, guys are in full swing shopping for the most romantic gifts to surprise their sweethearts. Instead of gifting the usual greeting cards, flower bouquets and rings, try to give unique gifts that will make this Valentine’s Day more special for your beloved. Since women are obsessed with distinct fashion jewellery, gifting them will win their hearts. If you are unable to make a choice for your girl, read the following jewellery gifting ideas:New Era Jewellers | Best Jewellery Shop in Karachi Pakistan

Speak your Heart: Planning to propose to your special someone for the first time? Then, let your romantic gift do it for you. All you have to do is to buy fashion jewellery that is beautifully designed with heart shapes buy gold in dubai. The heart burst pendant is an excellent example of this kind. This jewellery’s design is tastefully crafted with numerous gold hearts of which some of them are encrusted with stunning diamonds. While you stay hushed, this striking pendant will speak thousand words from your heart, oozing oodles of love.

Duets: Gifting duo pendants is also a wonderful Valentine’s Day gifting idea. Some of the best examples of this kind include glow duo pendant, Querida duo pendant and Cheri pendant. To enjoy great deals, buy jewellery from online stores. However, make sure that you choose genuine and certified online jewellery store.

Personalize your Love: One of the best ways to showcase your true love would be giving personalized gifts. Many reputed local and online jewellery shops offer you the freedom of customizing jewellery as per your needs. Engraved jewellery designs are at vogue now! Etching first letters of the couples, name of your loved one and ‘I Love You’ phrase are some of the popular engraving ways. Check out ‘lots-of-love bond’ pendant and ‘the engraved heart pendant’ that make great gifts.

Captivating Colours: Colours have a unique power that helps captivate the hearts of anyone you love. When fashionable jewellery designs are enhanced by vibrant colours, the outcome is outstanding. Take a sneak peek at the ‘colours of love’ collection which stocks a wide variety of jewellery pieces. The desire heart drop pendant with matching earrings makes a memorable gift for your special someone.

Jewellery making is believed to have started thousands of years ago in India. Hence, India has an exclusive collection of jewellery designs and styles. You can tell by the look of the design as to which category it belongs to. Every design is unique in its own way. Since this land was brimming with various precious metals and gems, they were put to effective use in the form of ornaments, decorating each part of the body. This was the main reason why foreigners came to India. Earlier kings and queens wore jewels to flaunt their wealth, prestige and power, but later on it became a symbol of financial security and investment.

Jewels have never lost their aesthetic appeal and value all along these years that they are considered as an artful expression comprising workmanship and design. Indian jewellery is designed from various raw materials including silver, gold, precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and semi-precious stones like turquoise, opal and so on. In India, you find wide array of jewels for humans and gods. Each part of the country has attributed to the emergence of various styles of jewels exclusive to that region. For instance, delicate filigree work made from silver is unique to Andra Pradesh and Orissa while meenakari work that incorporates enamel in jewels is unique to Jaipur. Delhi is famous for its Kundan jewellery made from semi precious and precious stones, Nagercoil for temple jewellery and so on.

Among the above discussed art forms, temple jewellery, meenakari jewellery and antique jewellery have a huge fan following not only in India but also in abroad. Temple jewellery is often linked to dancers performing classical dance like Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. These designs are elaborate and are studded with semi-precious stones in green and red colors. The set comprises of earrings, necklaces, anklets, and pieces beautifying the feet, hip, hair and hair plaits. Antique jewellery designs are in great demand these days. They are often modern versions of jewel forms most often made from silver and gold but with a dull appearance. Kundan and Meenakari gold jewellery items are seen to have the influence of the Moghul rulers and craftsmen. These jewels are famous among people belonging to the northern part of India. They incorporate enamel painting and include precious stones. This type of jewellery design suits more for making necklaces and chokers and this art form includes motifs of plants, flowers, vines and even animals

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