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Do you have a plan to do any canning? Well, as we all know canning is a process of putting foods in cans or jars for preservation. And one example is the canning hot peppers recipe. And you can make mini dab rigs it on your own if you have your equipments with you. Its easy. You only need to follow the directions carefully.Bubbler Pipe Guide (THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BUBBLERS)

Today, many products are introduced to us by the different industries. And they are preserved inside the cans or jars. Not only the smoked foods are preserved but also they have the canning hot peppers recipe. The taste of this recipe is it depends on you whether you like it more hot or not. Then if you know what you like its up to you to add extra ingredients like chili powder or whatever ingredients you like. But

first and foremost there are lots of things that you should know and reminded of. Like the things that are used in canning like a pressure canner (12 qt. capacity or more), canning jars and new lids and rings, a jar lifter that is used to pull the hot jars after processing and a canning funnel. And if you have all of the things in you then you can now start doing the recipe.

In preparing the canning hot peppers recipe you need the following ingredients such as 5 pounds ground beef, 2 cups chopped onions, 1 clove crushed garlic, 6 cups canned tomatoes and juice, oe cup chili powder, 1 oe tbsp. salt, 1 hot red pepper, chopped thinly and 1 tsp. Ground cumin seed. These are the following

ingredients that are needed in making a hot pepper recipe. The ingredients that are listed above can be change whether you prefer adding a few extra cloves of garlic and another hot pepper but it depends upon on how hot the peppers are or what do you like most. And sometimes you can also add OE cup cider vinegar and quite a lot of ketchup using tablespoons and use 2 tsp. cumin instead for flavoring. By adding extra ingredients it helps a little bit to be hot.

1. In the bottom of a large pot, the ground beef, onions and garlic should be cook until brown. It should be drain so that the amount of fat will lessen. So that high fat cannot be included in cans because it has a tendency to cause higher proportion of jar seals thats why it fails during processing.

3. In the meantime, prepare a pressure canner with a number of inches with boiling water. Place clean jars in the boiling water or maybe it can be washed in a dishwasher but if only your dishwasher has a sani-cycle, it is better.

5. Fill up the hot jars, one by one, should have at least 1 inch of headspace. Headspace is the amt. of space b/w the lid and the chili. Take away air bubbles from the mixture, if any, using a plastic knife or either a straw or it can be a plastic bubbler that is available from Ball.

6. Clean the rims of the jars with a dry paper towel so that they are perfectly clean for them to be seal well. Put the lid on and squeeze the ring until the point of resistance is met. Place the jar into the boiling water in the canner, and continue to fill up the remaining jars until all are used.

7. Place the lid on the canner but leave the faucet open or if you’re using a weighted gauge canner, do not place the weight on for 10 min. It is necessary to vent a pressure canner so that there are no air pockets in the canner during processing. After 10 min. of venting close the faucet or position the weighted gauge. Don’t begin timing until the gauge begins to rock 2-3 times a min., or if you are using a dial gauge canner, when the pressure comes up to 10 lbs.

9. When the processing time has completed, let the pressure canner to cool for at least 30 min. and take away the weight gauge. After the pressure is at 0 pounds psi or (on dial gauge, or not steam escapes after the weight is removed), then it is the safety time to remove the lid. Face the lid away from you as it is removed. Be careful of the steam. Let jars sit at least 5 min. in the canner, then remove using the jar lifter

to a draft-free place to cool and let it for at least 24 hrs. then remove the rings and wash jars. Test the lids by tapping gently with a metal spoon you will hear a ringing sound. And if you hear a dull sound from a jar that does not sound like the other, break the seal and put the jar in the refrigerator and use within a few days or reprocess it within 24 hrs. A new lid should be use.

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