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There are so many Spanish immersion schools to choose from, narrowing it down to just one can be quite a project. This article will give you some tips on making the best decision for you.

If price is a deciding factor, you will save money by going to Guatemala, Nicaragua or Ecuador. Even though the tuition is lower, this isn’t a reflection of the quality of instruction but rather the economic circumstances. These schools are as good as schools in other countries where the tuition is higher.

Next, decide if you prefer studying one-on-one with your own private teacher, or in a small group of other learners. The benefits of working one-on-one is that you have instruction that is specific to your needs. This is helpful if you are more advanced in your studies. In that case being in a group may slow down your progress. However if you are fairly new to Spanish, working in a group setting will probably be just fine, and you can save money as the group rates are usually cheaper. Although in certain countries, like Guatemala, Nicaragua and Ecuador, one-on-one instruction is the norm Don’t worry about not meeting people if you take an individual class. You will have plenty of opportunities to meet the other students since the schools are quite small.Concentration - the war in the brain

Next consider whether you would prefer being in a large city, a mid-sized city or a small village. If you are interested in night life and lots of cultural activities, the smaller villages may bore you. If you enjoy outdoor activities such as surfing, there are many beachtown settings that have Spanish immersion schools.

Most Spanish immersion schools offer homestays, where you live with a local family. They provide you with a private room and three meals a day, except for Sundays. These are great opportunities to practice your Spanish and learn about the culture of the local people. However, the accommodations may not be what you are used to and you will probably have to share a bathroom with other family members. If privacy is important to you, or the freedom to stay out late and have guests, then you may prefer staying in a hostel. Most schools will help you find one nearby and they are usually very affordable.

If volunteering is of interest to you, be sure to select a school that has volunteering opportunities as part of their daily or weekly activities. Many schools have long-term volunteer programs that include language learning. You may also want to consider selecting a school that is a not-for-profit organization, that is, they are using the school as a means to raise funds for community-based projects.

If you are unsure of which school to choose, then perhaps you should try sampling a few different schools. Let’s say you have 4 weeks to study Spanish. Why not try a different school each week? This will give you a wider range of experiences. Many of these schools are only a few hours away by bus, which can be taken on a Sunday

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