Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Cheap Paintball Guns


Paintball is not the cheapest sport out there it can cost hundreds of dollars
just for the basic equipment but if you are looking to save some money and still
be able to play paintball  38 special ammo  here are some good options under $100 that can get you
a nice paintball gun this list of low cost paintball guns are a good option if
you are just starting in the sport and if you are also looking to get more

The Spyder TL-X is a good option if you are looking for a low cost paintball gun this is a reliable gun it is not the most advanced gun but it can get the job done with descent accuracy and power you can start practicing paintball this gun has a starting retail price of $95.00.

Spyder Xtra is a fast easy to maintain paintball gun with a good stock barrel is a money saver the Spyder Xtra paintball gun is CO2 powered and it is also upgradeable so in the future you want to add more features this gun will allow you to do so, this baby starts at a low $85.00 at your favorite retail store.

Buy used paintball guns, yes this ca save you a lot of money there are many places online that   at very low prices

Tippmann Triumph XT Paintball gun marker you can get this gun brand new for a low as $99.00 some features on this gun high impact, molded composite receiver and light weight this is a great gun for beginners at a very low price with a aluminum barrel this makes a great gun at a very low price.

PMI Piranha R6 Paintball Gun is a very cheap but also reliable paintball gun with interchangeable aluminum barrel and corrosion resistant grade aluminum and a polymer double trigger frame it makes this gun one of the longest lasting guns. You can buy this gun for as little as $70.00.



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