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Andros Island is an archipelago within the Bahamas. The island has more land mass than all of the other Bahamian islands put together. It is the largest island of them all, but it’s considered a single island. In fact, it is so large that it’s considered a single island, so it’s actually an archipelago in its own right. Read on to learn more about this island.

The weather in Andros Island is tropical. It’s rainy from May to November, with temperatures between 27oC and 29oC/80F in mid-summer. Winter temperatures are cool, with the average temperature between 21oC and 24oC/70F. There are four paved runways on the island, including andros island bahamas Andros Town International Airport. Private charter flights can land here. LeAir and BahamasAir fly to the island daily.

Andros’s land habitats include a number of ecosystems that vary in species and habitats. There is a hardwood coppice, a pineyard, scrub, saltwater marsh, rocky and sandy beaches, mangroves, and palm savannas. The freshwater river on Andros is one of the biggest contributors to its diverse biodiversity. It supplies 19 million litres of fresh water daily to Nassau.

There are hundreds of square miles of productive bonefish territory. The island has many accessible flats that are home to bonefish and other top game fish. There are also many sharks, permit, and barracuda to be found. Other fish species found in Andros include permit, snapper, and grouper. So, whether you are looking for a fishing getaway or an active family holiday, you’re sure to find plenty of great opportunities for a memorable trip.

While you’re on Andros Island, try to remember that it is a relatively undeveloped island. In fact, most of the island has no towns or cities. There is one settlement on the western shore of the island. The island also experiences occasional power outages, but that doesn’t mean it’s unlivable. It’s perfect for those seeking adventure and an unspoiled environment. It is a good place to go hiking or mountain biking.

On the north end of the island, you can visit Morgan’s Bluff, which is 65 feet high. This bluff offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. Morgan used to tie a light to his goat to watch for shipwrecks, storing the treasure he found in a cave nearby. Because of this, many people believe that there is treasure on Andros Island. A trip to Andros is not complete without exploring the island.

The Spanish colonized the island in 1550, hoping to conquer the Lucayan people who lived on the island. However, the Lucayan people were nearly wiped out by the Spanish. They continued to pay tribute to the British Crown. The main towns are Nicholl’s Town and Congo Town. Andros Town is the most popular destination on the island. The island is home to some of the world’s most famous scientists, including Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

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