Why electronic cigarettes is been used more often?

Many people are turning to electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products in an effort to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, such as cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. Young Italians’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviour towards high-risk pregnancies were examined as part of this study.Philip Morris International's new smoke-free device IQOS Iluma Prime debuts  in Japan airport duty free : The Moodie Davitt Report -The Moodie Davitt  Report


An online poll of more than 2.5 million students was done in April 2019 on a platform for the study of Smoking E-CigaRettes and Heat-noT-Burn Products. When using a heat-not-burn product, what happens to the tobacco? What is the outcome of using a heat-not-burn product on tobacco? , Do you think e-cigarettes might lead to a nicotine addiction? Is using products that include heated tobacco harmful to one’s health? Is smoking e-cigarettes harmful to one’s health? If so, do you remember hearing about products that employ heated tobacco as an ingredient? , Yes, if the product has been heated before to consumption.

A total of 3393 respondents (24.4%) said that they were current smokers of cigarettes, while an additional 802 respondents (5.7%) indicated that they were current electronic cigarette users, while another 3173 respondents (22.9%) indicated that they had used electronic cigarettes in the past. The poll also revealed that 715 people (5.2 percent) and 1148 people (8.3 percent) claimed they now smoke or have smoked heat not burn cigarettes.

Last words

Those who used both eCigs and HTP were current smokers, over the age of 18, male, and from the Central and Southern parts of the nation. Electronic cigarettes are seen as both addicting and harmful by more than half of those who took the study. When it comes to heated tobacco, many people aren’t sure what happens to it or whether it’s harmful to their health when they use it. E-Cig and HTP usage among young Italians is higher than among adults and the elderly, necessitating the implementation of public health initiatives to combat the problem.


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