Be rewarded: If you view your movie-going experience as a reward, it will make the experience more enjoyable and satisfying. It could be anything, from a long working week, finishing an unfinished project, getting to know someone new, or inviting a family member or friend to a special event. In the midst of all the technical issues what can you do to select the perfect movie for the event? It’s not as easy as it sounds however, it’s easy. Here’s how:

Make sure you do your homework before you go to a film. This will ensure that you won’t be disappointed. It is important to choose the location first. This could be driving for 40 minutes to an hour, or relaxing at home with entertainment. You can search for the movie’s location on the internet. Then, you can call the theater and confirm the details and then book tickets by phone or on the web. You can also borrow or rent an DVD from a relative for films that are not being shown in cinemas.

It is worth it to go the extra mile to the mall or a distant theatre. When deciding on a movie don’t pick a film which is loved by everyone, try something new unless you’re certain that this is หนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น  the one. The”everyone-loves-it” mindset and the in-crowd opinion are not the best options. You should seek out films that test your intellect or solve a problem or meet an need. Always learn something from the movie’s end.

Let me give you an example: I was watching The Cinderella Man and learned that men are, by nature, made strong and able to take on the world. It takes the courage to go beyond words of mouth and sacrifices and the ability to put everything on the line. In “Glory” with Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington, I also learned that one man can change the lives of others, and that doing the less-popular things and being against the norm can prove more satisfying than not confronting the authorities. Thus, if we remain in our own little corner, change is not likely to happen. There are risks associated with the process of achieving greatness and a greater reward for letting go of each moment.

I also remembered the feelings I felt after watching “A Beautiful Mind” and “Field of Dreams” which starred Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner, or “Life” and Martin Lawrence, King of the Kick Boxers with Billy Blanks and “Everyone’s Fine” featuring Robert De Niro…just one of the many wonderful moments I have cherished over the years. They were full of laughter, tears and triumph and also of the courage, hope, and hopes and dreams.

There are big benefits in choosing the right film versus choosing the most popular option. After watching this year’s Academy film, you will find out that Hurt Locker was not the most talked about movie however, it definitely took the spotlight over Avatar after it was all said and done.

A few people choose films based on their favorite actor/actress, but however you decide the best movie will make the perfect opportunity for a deeper conversation with the people whom you meet. Some movies will help to connect individuals from different countries as well as help to resolve misunderstandings. It also makes for great ice-breakers in awkward settings.

I could go on and on but here’s what I really want you to get by reading this article. your movie going is a wonderful event that boosts your mood and inspires you, makes you weep at times, move you emotionally, open your eyes to fresh ideas that are based on hidden truths and wild experiences that bring people together by breaking down barriers and create new walls of hope and trust, and inspire people to dream, at least for a short time.

I like movies because they are in many ways, untold stories of every person who ever walked the earth. They can be a real world manifestation of eras gone by. There’s a veiled reality and real-world realism in each film or tale ever told by motion images. But, even though not all are good for the soul, movie watching is an enjoyable experience that can be enjoyed even in the comfort of your bed room. No matter where you choose to go, you should make it memorable. Let’s look forward to the next time you visit! Lights…Camera…Action…Life!

Andrew Guy is a highly sought-after Motivational Speaker. He is known for his humor in breaking down the myths about Leadership, advocating for health and wellness, and giving out positive messages to children.

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