Top 5 Ways to Find Current News in Your Niche

Whether you are writing for your own niche blog, or you’ve got a client asking for daily or weekly posts about a specific topic, it is important to be able to find fresh subjects to write about. The best way to do that is to look for current events or news stories related to the specific topic. Of course, this isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re in a fairly obscure niche.

If you are looking for something to write about in the dog training niche, for example, there is almost always a news story or report of a dog being abused, a dog biting someone or something else. You can use that news story to kick-off your own post related to it. Other niches, however, aren’t quite as simple. You don’t often hear about news stories related to the Kidney stone prevention niche, for example.

With that in mind, the following tips and موقع خطط tricks will help you to find something current to write about in virtually any niche you can imagine. This will, hopefully, help people turn their two page micro-niche blogs into somewhat larger and more comprehensive authority sites (which Google loves by the way). This will lead to more traffic and more earnings for the site owner.

Google News

If you haven’t been using it already, Google news is an exceptional resource for finding current events in nearly any niche. The news gathering wing of Google works just like the normal search feature, except that it focuses specifically on news stories. Rather than using Google’s normal algorithm to rank sites in a particular order, Google places far more weight on the date of publication. Using my kidney stone example, I can search that term and find a local news site about a kidney stone center opening in Miriam Hospital. It was published just 14 hours from the time I did my search.

Playing with different search terms and time frames, you can often find great news articles on just about any topic imaginable. Google News is the first place any writer should start when looking for recent events in a specific niche.

Niche Forums

Just about every niche out there has at least a few different online forums where people interested in that topic come together to interact. These people will have already done all the leg work of following the different sources which report on any current events in the niche, and when something comes up, they will share it on the forums. Bookmark the most popular forums in that niche, and visit whenever you need a new story.

Not only will these forums provide you with the stories you’re looking for, but you can also see how people in that community are reacting to the story. This can provide you with valuable insight as to what approach you should take when writing the content.

Make the News

If your niche is particularly slow when it comes to having news stories or current events about it, take some initiative and make the news yourself. Write and publish a study or white paper about a specific aspect of your niche. If possible, have it peer-reviewed and published on university websites (this is not a requirement). Write a post about this study on your niche site, and put out a press release on the publication. People who are searching for information on your niche will find it quickly, and come right to your site.

Find Related News

Another great strategy for those who have a niche which doesn’t often get news is to find stories which are related in some way to your niche. Using the kidney stones example again, you could write a story about kidney transplants, kidney health or virtually anything else to do with this organ. You could also take medical news about other organs and work it to be related to yours. If, for example, a doctor pioneers a new procedure for heart surgery, you can write about that with a commentary on whether or not this could help people with kidney problems.

Follow Celebrities

While I rarely find any reason to care at all about the lives of celebrities, they can serve a purpose for finding niche related news. If you can find a celebrity (no matter how B list they may be) who has anything to do with your niche, write about it!


  • News Flash: Brad Pitt Has Kidney Stones.
  • Breaking News: The Actor who Played Timmy on a Broadway Rendition of Lassie donated $100,000 to Kidney Stone Research.
  • Celebrity News: Kidney Stones Cited for Production Delay in Transformers 7.


You get the point. There is often a celebrity involved with something concerning nearly every niche you can imagine. Don’t be afraid to get comical or irreverent (if your niche allows for it). High-quality, original content is important, and it doesn’t matter where it is coming from.

These are five of the best ways to find current events and news related to your niche. The more current it is, the more people will be searching for it, so make sure to act fast. Set up Google Alerts to be notified on any updates in your niche and you’ll be on top of it quickly so you can attract the traffic you need.


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